If you prefer, Ashley can attend your function as 


ASHLEY is a very skilled and Palmist and Tarot card reader, but may also use Aura Reading, Numerology or Psychometry.
He gives fun and upbeat readings, he never predict bad news, only uplifting and positive events for the future..

Readings by Ashley have been known to:

Give advice on business, love and family affairs

Predict the name of a future partner

Explain how to be successful in life

Reveal lucky days and lucky numbers

Reveal what part of the country is luckiest for you

State when you will marry

Tell just what you need to know about your personal and business life

Reveal what planet you were born under and which are your lucky and unlucky ones

Locate lost items


Just Imagine, Ashley looks at YOUR palm and immediately without asking questions,
tells you your Star Sign and all about your past, present and future!
This is something you and your guests will remember for a VERY long time!